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வெள்ளத்தால் போகாது
வெந்தணலால் வேகாது வேந்தராலும்
கொள்ளத்தான் முடியாது
கொடுத்தாலும் நிறைவொழிய குறைபடாது
கள்ளர்க்கோ மிகஅரிது
காவலோ மிகஎளிது
கல்விஎன்னும் உள்ளத்தே
பொருளிருக்க உலகெலாம்
பொருள்தேடி உமல்வதேனோ !"

- "கல்வியின் சிறப்பு", விவேகசிந்தாமணி

“It is the education which is the right weapon to cut the social slavery and it is the education which will enlighten the downtrodden masses to come up and gain social status, economic betterment and political freedom”

- Dr B.R. Ambedkar


The progress of society is measured by the amount of education that is spread among the masses. Education is the most potent weapon that can change society.

Rajinikanth Foundation shall focus on the 3 E’s – Education, Empowerment and Employment of the youth to become the agent of change for the social transformation. Highly talented and principle centric youth is the need of society. The present generation youth are incredibly gifted, more responsible and socially mindful. They are empathetic and benevolent. However, they need proper guidance and empowering machinery to channelize their talent. Here, the foundation shall provide intervention in the form of providing advice to choose their career, financial support to train them to achieve their goals and an ecosystem to nurture their talent.

Rajinikanth Foundation will be channelizing its endeavours and assistance to better the lives of the youth from poor and marginalized strata of society. The foundation shall focus specifically on the education of the children who will be first-generation graduates, children of below poverty line cardholders and low-income group, children of the economically constrained single parent, orphans, children of farmers and children of the slum inhabitants.

Rajinikanth foundation believes in the idea of “small beginning, consistent effort and course correction and eventually leading to monumental change.”

Inviting you to be a part of this Silent Revolution!!!

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We are happy to announce that we are sourcing experts for guiding our children in the following subjects

History, Geography & Environment, Economics, Physics, Chemistry, Biology (Botany and Zoology), Mathematics, Polity and Public Administration, General Affairs, Thamizh -10th std SCERT-level, Thamizh- Thirukkural- Expert level.

Please Enroll yourself if you are a subject expert by registering in below form. The last date for registration is 29th January 2022.

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